Welcome to SOAPA

SOAPA, Skymaster Owners and Pilots Association, is a Not for Profit Corporation filed in the State of Florida. Established in 2006 by the late Paul Rooy, this organization is for owners, pilots and enthusiasts of Cessna Skymaster aircraft. This site represents the family of Cessna 336, 337 and O-2 owners.


This website was originally developed by Kevin Mackenzie in 2002, 10 years before the thoughts of establishing the Corporation. Kevin dedicated a massive amount of time to put this all together and we thank him for that foundation. Kevin owned two Skymasters at different times. He loved the freedom that these great machines provide and now without one, very much misses the ownership benefits we all still enjoy. Kevin’s mark was made here in this website and it stands today, and we tip our hats to him for providing us with this tool to use for our benefit and enjoyment. Our passion for Skymaster’s will continue because of Kevin’s support to this group.

Others like Bob Cook, Larry Bowdish, Ernie Martin and Herb Harney have taken on the task of management of the site from time to time. As Kevin passed the baton we too kept the spirit alive for all Skymaster lovers to enjoy and use. Thanks to all these volunteers, this site lives on.

About this website

As with all websites this is a work in progress. The heart of the website is the “Message Board”. To participate you must register and be approved to post messages. There is no charge and the only rules are “be polite” and “Skymaster only topics”. There is a huge amount of information available on the message board. Just about any question you could think of has been asked and a response is probably listed. It is best to click around a little before you decide to ask or request some information as it probably already exists on the a thread within the message board. There is a “Search” feature that can be accessed by members to help facilitate in finding your topic. Enjoy this message board as it has years of experience and knowledge packed into 1000’s of thread on the Skymaster aircraft.

The remainder of the site contains information about the aircraft, photos contributed by members, links to helpful websites, events (past and future) for Skymaster owners and pilots and other Skymaster related information.